Best Scores of 2015 (Longlist)

I’ve collated some of the best scores of 2015. I haven’t listened to them in full (and there are some scores I’m sure I’ve missed) but these are some of strongest in my opinion. A few of them have a good chance of being in the run for an Oscar nomination. I’ve included some that I just liked as well. As we get nearer to the awards season, I’ll give my favourites as well as my predictions for Best Score. Anyway, have a listen to some of these:

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Uplifting Songs

I decided to throw together a short list of songs that can be uplifting when you’re down or just enjoy when you’re in a happy mood. Everyone is different, of course, but these are some songs that strike a chord with me. Enjoy!

  • “Move On Up” – Curtis Mayfield. 

An up tempo piece with an infectious beat. You can’t listening to this song without doing a few dance moves. Love the trumpets.

  • “Foreign Language” – Flight Facilities. 

I’ve spoken of this song before. It’s a real 70’s sounding track. I love listening to it, especially in Summer. It’s really light in tone as well.

  • “In the Mood” – Glenn Miller.

Another great song to dance to. A big band piece that’s fun and full of energy.

  • “Dancing Queen” – ABBA.

I have no shame. I love ABBA! Who can deny this song? Whenever I hear this at a 21st or some other party, I have to dance to it. (Side note: A lot of these songs induce dancing 😛 ) What’s great is that you can use your most awful and/ or cheesy moves and not feel embarrassed. Love it!

  • “Diamonds” – Laura Mvula. 

Laura Mvula is a beautiful singer/ artist. The instrumentation of her songs are amazing and cinematic. This song is so delicate and her voice just lifts the soul.

  • “I’m Every Woman” – Chaka Khan.

This song is in one of my all time favourite films (Bridget Jones’ Diary) so it always gives me good memories when I hear it. An empowering song that I feel applies to anyone. Release your inner Bridget! 😛

  • “St. Pepsi” – Fiona Coyne.  

Another contemporary 70’s sounding track. Trumpets abound produces a light-hearted sound!

  • “New York New York” – Frank Sinatra.

Probably one of the most motivational songs ever. Makes me want to get up and accomplish something, travel and everything. The backing band almost creates a fanfare. I love the brass section.

  • “Leaving Hogwarts” – John Williams. 

This song creates a lot of nostalgia for me so it evokes some poignancy and happiness. I always enjoy revisiting the world of Harry Potter. I can’t help but smile when I hear it.

  • Dead Oaks” – Now, Now. 

A short acoustic song from one of my favourite bands. It’s light and catchy.

  • “Defying Gravity” – Indina Menzel. 

Probably the most well known song from the musical Wicked. It’s so empowering, especially when it gets into its stride. Love the line “so if you care to find me, look to the Western sky!!”

  • “Married Life” – Michael Giacchino. 

I love the soundtrack to Up (2009). There’s a reason why it won best score at the Academy Awards. It has a real nostalgia factor to it, and uses quite moving jazz pieces. It just reminds me of childhood and being free. This song includes a muted trumpet which is one of my favourite sounds. The song has beautiful instrumentation and drifts along seamlessly.

  • “Mountain Sound” – Of Monsters & Men.

Love that chorus. Great indie tune to sing and dance to. A fun and enjoyable listen.

  • “Easy” – Lionel Ritchie.

A relaxing song that really brightens your day. And that guitar solo!

  • “Wade in the Water” – Eva Cassidy.

I love the soul in this song. Eva’s voice is so moving. That trumpet solo!

  • “How Do You Like Your Eggs in the Morning?” – Dean Martin & Helen O’Connell. 

This song really is just a ray of sunshine. Great to listen to in the morning while beginning a new day.

  • “Sing Sing Sing” – Benny Goodman.

A big band jazz song that has to be danced to. Great energy in this song.

Top 16 Harry Potter Tracks

Christmas has just gone and over the holidays I watched all eight Harry Potter movies (as they were on TV). I was quite nostalgic watching the whole story arc over a couple of days, so I decided to pick my favourite tracks from the series. The list is based on nostalgic memories of the tracks and also how affecting they are. I tried really hard to whittle it down but of course there’s just so many good songs. I couldn’t even get it to a rounded 15 so you’re just going to have to listen to 16! The scores are quite nostalgic and moving. They’re incredibly made and I feel each composer brought something to each film. John Williams is a genius and for me his scores are really nostalgic and intricate. Patrick Doyle wasn’t around for a long time but he did create good tracks for the Triwizard Tournament. Nicholas Cooper & Alexandre Desplat were my favourites during the series, I really can’t decide who I liked more. Nicholas Cooper had such fun and upbeat tracks as well as being epic or emotional. Alexandre Desplat is a really serious composer for me. His sounds really have something I can’t quite describe. I wouldn’t say “adult,” as that’s a bit condescending, but more affecting and emotional I think. He just has these brilliant sounds. Obviously each composer has to play off the plot they’re given, but all did a really impressive job in applying music to the story. Anyway, here are the top 16 tracks for me:

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