Hey guys. Long time no see. I know I haven’t posted anything since January. Whoops, sorry about that. I was pretty busy during my last semester of my Undergrad. But it’s all over now. Finished my undergrad. Scary stuff. I’m getting my results in June so we’ll see how I go. I hope I can hold on to my 1st Class Honours Degree because it would look prestigious on my CV and certificate.


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I just thought I’d give you an update on where I’m at now. I’m free for the summer until September when I’ll be going to Galway to do my Masters in NUIG. I can’t wait. I’m going to be studying Literature & Publishing. It’s supposed to be a really good course, and apparently its good for getting into the Publishing Industry which is my goal. I had a look at some of the possible modules and they look so interesting, like archiving and proofreading. I’m excited about living in Galway as well because I feel like I need to move away from Limerick and meet new people. I think it would be a good transition because I hope to go on to live in Dublin. It just seems like the place to be if I’m going to be living in Ireland. I mean I will travel as well but I feel like my long term home would be in or around Dublin. There’s just so much happening there and there’s more job opportunities. But who knows!

I’ve a few plans for this summer before I start the masters. Looking back on my summer goals last year, I accomplished some of them and didn’t get near to accomplishing others. I’m hoping to do a good number of things this summer though: 

Writing & Blogging:

I’ve actually been pretty creative so far this year. I’ve written a few short stories and I’m working on a long short story/ novella? at the moment. I also have a few ideas for other short stories which I want to get done. You can see some of my work that was published in UL’s newspaper, An Focal. They can be a bit hard to find so I’ll just link them here:

I’ll also be blogging here more often since I have more free time. I’ll try and post some stuff that’s going on in my life, but I’ll mostly be doing book reviews since I have so many to do. Expect a lot of those! 


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It’s about time I got around to this. But I’m finally doing it. I don’t know about actually driving as I have yet to do the 12 required lessons, but I’ve been doing the practice theory tests and I’m doing well. I’ll probably do the actual test next week and get that over with and then do the lessons during the next few months. It will be handy to actually be able to drive and go places. Here’s hoping! 


Ok so I did practice trumpet last summer but I got busy with my FYP and my final year so I couldn’t practice much for the academic year. But this summer I’m definitely going to practice rigorously. I really want to get back into music and start playing more often. I love writing but I do need a past time to keep me sane. Maybe a should do yoga… 

Apart from those (and trying to find a summer job) I’m just going to try and have fun. The Masters will be really hectic and after that I’ll be working hopefully so I’m going to try and enjoy this summer. I might be going to the Body & Soul Festival in June, which could be a good laugh. My friend asked me to go and I’ve never been to a festival before, just concerts, so I’d love to experience it! 

So have fun this summer guys and I’ll be posting again soon. Also, you can find my Instagram & Twitter linked at the side if you want to see what ridiculous stuff I post.


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