Creative Writing & Literary Society

Hey guys, just thought I’d give up a quick update on my time back at Uni. It’s pretty hectic at the moment, even though we’re not properly into the meat of the semester with work loads, but we’ve an idea of upcoming assignments, and it’s a lot! Haha. This year I have these modules:

  • Creative Writing.
  • FYP (Final Year Project).
  • Information Society 2.
  • Literary Modernism.
  • Visual Culture Studies.

I’m really looking forward to Creative Writing. It’s a workshop format which means it’s really interactive with discussions, exercises and our own creations of course! The first workshop we had was so intense but hilarious. I haven’t laughed so hard for three hours. I know a few people in it, and the Erasmus students seem really nice. I’m looking forward to it. We have to write short stories/ poetry for it so I’ll try and post some of my stuff on this so you can read it. 🙂

My FYP, obviously I’ve already discussed. Info Soc 2 I feel a bit apprehensive about since Info Soc 1 that I did like 2 years ago wasn’t thoroughly interesting but we’ll see. It might be ok. Literary Modernism is so intense. We’ve to read so many books and the material is so heavy. I mean we’ve to read parts of Ulysses! :O And Visual Culture Studies seems interesting, that should be good too.

I’m also going to try and (re)join the Literary Society. I went to it a bit in first year but didn’t go to a lot of the meetings. I’ll go this time, promise!

So good luck guys, I’ll talk to ye soon. =]


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