Summer Goals

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I just finished my college semester so I’m officially no longer a 3rd year! It feels so weird saying that. I’ve only one year of university left. :O Those three years flew. Anyway, so now I can properly enjoy Summer (although the Irish Summer doesn’t look anything like the picture above). Hopefully we get some good weather. I’m also trying to get a few things done this Summer so I’m writing out a plan of my goals. Physically writing out my goals usually helps to motivate me. I know I won’t get all of them done but hopefully some of them at least. So here they are:

Work on my Final Year Project:

This is my priority this Summer. A final year project (FYP) is like a thesis that you submit at the end of your college career. It’s a long project (Circa 10,000 words) with a subject of your choice and has to be of a high standard. I’m doing mine on whether LGBT characters in TV shows/ movies are realistic. It has a lot to do with sexuality and masculinity/femininity. I’m going to try and do a lot of the research and get that out of the way and maybe get a first draft of 1/3 chapters. A lot of reading theories, articles and watching TV shows/ movies. Should be fun! :S

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Find a job:

I need to get one. More so for the experience than the money (although that’s always a positive). I want to look like I’m actually doing something and for future employers to know that I didn’t spend the whole Summer on my arse. It will look really good if they see that I’ve done a few months doing something, or even just did a few things. I’m going to do up my CV and hand it into to loads of places. Nothing to do with children though. I did 6 months of my CO-OP last year working with primary & secondary children, and that’s more than enough for me. Hopefully I get one, if not I’ll look for work experience.

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Learn the trumpet:

I’ve been playing music for years and I was in St. Johns Brass & Reed Band in Limerick from 2004-2013. So like 10 years! I played the euphonium and I loved it. I stopped going because I wanted to try something else and I was really busy with college and stuff, but I really want to get back into music. I’m going to pick up the trumpet this Summer and try to improve my playing. I have one under my bed. :L I tried it a few times, it is different from the euphonium but I did get the grasp of it after practising for a while. Every time I hear a jazz song I just desperately want to play. Definitely going to accomplish this goal! 😛

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4th Year reading list:

I’m going to read some of the books that are on our course syllabus this Summer. I’ve never done this before, mainly because I’ve never thought of doing it. One of my friends has done this and I think its a really smart thing to do as it puts less pressure on you to tear through books during the semester. I’ve looked at my Literary Modernism module and I definitely need to tackle some of those books. James Joyce is there and yeah, apparently he ‘ain’t no easy read! I’ll switch back and forth between my leisurely books and course books so I can get a break from reading the heavy material. Keep it interesting. I just hope to God they don’t change the books when we go back otherwise I’ll have been studying books in depth for no reason! :L

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Write & Blog:

I’ve been working on my fantasy series for like 6 years. I really need to just write it! I just keep making excuses to put it off like being busy with college and stuff. I’ll try to write a bit, not making any promises. But we’ll see (that means no… Just kidding! I’ll try 🙂 ).

I’ll also blog more frequently. This semester gone was extremely intense. Like nothing I’ve ever gone through. Unfortunately, that meant I couldn’t blog much, sorry 😛 I keep using the excuse “too bust with college work” blah blah blah. But I promise to blog more this Summer. With interesting things! I was pretty good at the start of the year, then it all went a bit crazy. You can read the blog I had to do for college for any of you who are media inclined. It has a lot to do with media influence and criticism. Check it out, you might like it.

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Have fun:

Of course the most important thing is to enjoy Summer! 😀 Hopefully the weather will improve, like that mini-Summer we had in April! So nice. I’ve a few things planned already.

My friends and I (proper grammar 😛 ) are supposed to go camping at the end of May in Wicklow. I’ve never gone camping before or gone to Wicklow so I can’t wait. It’s going to be a great experience. See the scenery, go on some walks, drink a bit  a lot (just kidding).

I’m going to see Fleetwood Mac with my Dad in July. I bought him tickets for Christmas and I can’t wait. They’re legends, it’s going to be amazing. I don’t know who the support act(s) are yet, but I know they’ll have to be good to be supporting Fleetwood Mac.

Apart from that, I’ve no other plans. Obviously, I’m going to have a good few drinking sessions, hopefully go to a few gigs maybe, go to some events that I haven’t been to before. Who knows? It’s all to look forward to. Anyway, everyone enjoy your Summer however you’re going to spend it! 🙂

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