I just thought I’d write a little post about something coincidental that happened to me recently. You’ll probably be thinking “slow day at the office” but I felt like writing something short and light- hearted. So what harm?

Anyway, so because it’s winter and it’s Ireland people light fires for warmth and comfort, etc. It’s nice to sit by it and watch TV or a movie. I have a fire in my house and I love it. But an unfortunate thing about a fire is hot sparks flying out of the fire. They can burn material or even people’s skin. And that’s exactly what happened to me.

Just to put it into context, years ago when I was a child, maybe around 10 or something, a piece of hot coal or a stone flew out of the fire and landed on my neck. It burned my skin and left a mark there. It healed obviously, but there is still a small bit of uneven skin if you look closely. It hurt like hell but I got over it. I had forgotten all about that experience. That was until the incident last week.

So I was lying down on the couch, watching tv and there was a bang from the fire. Scared the Jesus out of me but it was grand. That was until I felt this searing pain on my neck. I leapt up off the couch and shook my clothes and a hot piece of coal landed on the ground. It had landed on my neck and burned the skin. It was agonizing. The thing is, the hot coal had landed literally centimetres from where I had been burnt a decade beforehand. So after this heals I will have two scars of uneven skin really close. What are the odds like? Getting burnt in almost the exact same spot? I’m just hoping this doesn’t become a pattern!

The 70’s

Lately I’ve been really liking the 70’s for some reason. Obviously, I wasn’t around in the 70’s since I’m only 21 but lately I’m really attracted to 70’s style clothing and music.

I’ve been wearing necklaces that my mother gave me. One of them is this kind of pendant like necklace. The other is a surfer type necklace which is 70’s in style. You can see me wearing it here:


I’ve also been on the look out for print and Hawaiian shirts. The terrible the better :L . I know conventionally people believe they’re kind of “ugly” but I’m really into them now. I’ve been trying to find a brown corduroy blazer everywhere, but I’ve been having no luck. I just think they’re so cool.

I’ve been listening to a lot of actual 70’s music along with contemorary music that has a 70’s style to it: funk, disco and everything in between. This includes Donna Summer, Marvin Gaye, 10cc, Earth Wind & Fire, Kimbra, The Black Keys, Saint Pepsi, Leah McFall and Flight Facilities.

One really 70’s inspired song is “Foreign Language” by Flight Facilities. Even the video is like a 70’s crime show. You can hear it hear:

Guardians of The Galaxy


Guardians of The Galaxy (2014) was one of the outstanding films of 2014 for me. It was a surprise how much I enjoyed it. It really impressed me. I’m not a massive fan of comic adaptations nowadays (besides Christopher Nolan’s Batman), I was when I was a child, or even action movies as a whole. But this movie was really impressive. It was a perfect blend of sci-fi and fantasy while being humorous. It didn’t take itself too seriously but was obviously well made. I loved all the different races of people interacting and different galaxies coming together. It was like a light hearted Star Wars.

There is a colourful cast of main characters which includes a half human/ half alien, an alien assassin, a tree-like creature who’s partner in crime is a smart mouthed engineered raccoon and also a alien guy who’s seeking revenge. The protagonist is played by Chris Pratt, who I knew from Parks & Recreation. I love that guy in Parks & Rec. He just makes me laugh. Whatever he does, even if it’s insignificant, I find humorous. In this film, it’s the same. He still has that funny demeanour and you know he’s going to do something funny just by watching him.

The cinematography is brilliant. I love the special effects and the world building is deeply impressive. I love all the sci fi equipment like the weaponry and airships amid the planetary backdrop.

What I deeply enjoyed was the soundtrack. It’s made up of mostly 60’s and 70’s songs. I felt that this made it much more impressive than using contemporary songs. By using these songs, you could tell that this movie was made by serious people who really knew their stuff. It really gave it a retrospective feeling. At the moment, I’m really loving 70’s music and 70’s sounding songs so this came at a good time for me! My personal favourites were 10cc’s “I’m Not In Love” and Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

All in all, a great movie that didn’t take itself too seriously but was really impressive and was surprisingly enjoyable. Hats off!