Working in a Group

Normally when it comes to group work, it can be quite hit and miss. Sometimes it can be great, other times a disaster. Thankfully most the people I’ve worked with in groups in the past have been easy going and hard working. Once, however, I did have to take up the reigns and get the others to do their bit as no one was really making much effort.

Anyway, the group I worked with for Digital Media were perfect. The others were all quite communicative which is no doubt a necessity. They also all put in their bit of work which is what everyone wants in a group project.

In terms of communicating, we started off by emailing each other and deciding when to meet up. We split up the topic into sub- categories and each took a section. We then decided when to visit the location of our topic which was a former cinema. We took pictures of the site and each did our own research.

When we had all written up of our pieces and met up in the library and put all of our things together on the Wiki page. We set out the proper formatting and references and displayed the pictures appropriately. It was all quite straight forward and one of the least stressful group projects I’ve done! 🙂


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