Fairy Curses

I know this might sound like blind superstition but fairy curses are real. There’s been so much folklore to prove it and we should take advice and wisdom from these stories. I’m writing this to provide my own experiences with the curses and warn others.

I’ve always been interested in folklore and fairies as they are quite a Gaelic creature. I found them enchanting with their association with forests. I feel though they deserve our respect. I learned that a few years ago when some strange events started occurring. (This seriously happened, I’m not joking).

Ok so a few years ago I started researching fairies just to get some further knowledge in that area. I was curious about their culture and what they liked/disliked. Nothing wrong with that since the information is there to be read. What I found was cold iron can burn a fairy’s skin so obviously they don’t like it. I don’t think they will be angered that I told you that since it’s common knowledge in folk tales. So then I began thinking about fairy anatomy and coming up with my own theories. I came up with something really important that turned out to be true considering the events that followed. I can’t tell you what I figured out because the consequences of me telling someone would be twice as bad as me figuring out the secret. Sorry. :/

I can tell you though about the events which ensued following my discovery. So once I had written down my theory which turned out to be a discovery, weird things started happening. I began to see these things out of the corner of my eye. If you can imagine a fly flying around and you see it in your peripheral vision. That’s what it was like, except every time I turned to see what it was it had disappeared. And they weren’t flies because how could flies just disappear. And this happened for months on end. I began to get seriously paranoid and frustrated. But that’s what the fairies wanted. It was a warning for me not to tell anyone about the discovery I had made. It gets even weirder. One morning a woke up and went to the bathroom and found these thin scratches on my neck. I know what you’re thinking, it was probably my nails. But these were way too thin to be my hand scratching my neck in my sleep. This was the work of pixies scratching me with their tiny spears. This happened again on 3 or 4 separate occasions. It turns out they sent the pixies to torment me for finding out about a secret. I saw one once on my bed for like a split second before it disappeared. They’re tiny creatures with little feral faces. I quickly learned to take the warning and not tell anyone about the secret. I also stopped researching and the pixies left me alone. Sometimes they return every now and again whenever I go back and look at the notes I’ve written down. I can’t tell anyone what I’ve found not only because my curse will be doubled but also because it will be cast upon the person I’ve told.

So that’s my tale. Take it as a warning. Their are other obvious things you should avoid like cutting down a fairy fort or mound. Also you shouldn’t cut down a Hawthorn Tree.

In Ireland, I feel we do have an ingrained respect and understanding of fairies in our culture. But sometimes people don’t respect nature and things go awry when. Here is an article about events occurring after the M3 motorway was built on the grounds of a fairy fort. You have to admit it’s more than just coincidence.



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