My day with Bridget

Note: Spoilers!!


The other day I took a sick day off work because I had a cold. I mean I went into work sick the other 4 days, and it’s a school so I deserved it.

Anyway so yeah I just stayed in bed and read Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy. It was really enjoyable. I’m about halfway through the book and it’s so relatable – as much as a 20 year old gay guy can relate to a 50 something mother of 2!

The book is about Bridget’s endless struggle to find love as lovely Mark Darcy has passed away 😥 but also about the stress of being a mother and figuring out new age media/ technology. It manages to be as humorous as the 1st two novels with her best friends still giving her love advice.

She is writing a screenplay in the novel and continues to put it off because of other things like love, children, social media, etc. I understood this straight away as I’m always putting off writing my novel series. I know exactly what happens in the books. It’s all planned, I just had to write it!

The new guy (guys??) in her life are so damn hot. First you’ve Roxster. He’s young – late 20’s I think. Fucking hot. I’ll give you an example: “Mmmm. The way his face looks when he’s on top of me, the stubble on the beautiful jawline […], those beefy naked shoulders. […] feeling his hard-on pressing against my thigh. Oh God, he is so beautiful and such a great kisser, and such a great… Mmm, mmm.” Raunchy eh? I must say well fucking done Bridget! =] Our next guy, Leatherjacketman, is equally as sexy. Sigh, why can’t I have one?? 😦

Anyway, the day I was sick I read a part where Bridget goes through some dating rules. Side story, I’m on a romantic conquest at the moment so I payed attention to this part. And it’s not like a get all worked up every single time I kiss a guy. This one was different. He gave me the feels. In my chest. And it lasted like a week. So… you can understand why I reacted like this. Some of the rules are as follows:


  • Do not jump to conclusions or fantasize. Shit, spent a lot of time assuming a lot of things were happening/ weren’t happening and fantasizing! Ooops.
  • Respond to what is actually happening, not what you think is happening. Mmm, yeah I was coming up with a lot of things in my head, should’ve calmed down a bit.
  • Do not allow him to upset your life or equilibrium. Too fucking late for that!
  • Do not allow him to make you generally distracted and crazy. I looked up a bloody “5 stages of grief” plan and made a “12 stages of heartache” plan of my own using Florence + The Machine songs. I think my sanity is well gone by now.
  • Notice how he makes you feel. Oh I know all right. I know all too well! ;D
  • Always be classy, never crazy. Dammit!!
  • Don’t make him feel caged. Sent 8 messages in a row like a crazy person describing how my messages weren’t going through… turns out he was just asleep. :/

So yeah I must say I’m enjoying the book and God knows I’m learning a lot from it. Let’s just hope it all works out. For you Bridget AND for me!!


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