Best Scores of 2015 (Longlist)

I’ve collated some of the best scores of 2015. I haven’t listened to them in full (and there are some scores I’m sure I’ve missed) but these are some of strongest in my opinion. A few of them have a good chance of being in the run for an Oscar nomination. I’ve included some that I just liked as well. As we get nearer to the awards season, I’ll give my favourites as well as my predictions for Best Score. Anyway, have a listen to some of these:

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4th Year of University

Hey guys, I just thought I’d give you a little update of where I’m at at the moment. I’m starting my last year of college tomorrow, which is hard to believe. Those 4 years flew! My birthday is also tomorrow so it’s a weird culmination of events (also can’t believe I’m 22 tomorrow! :O ).

Anyway, I’ll be quite busy over the next few months with college work and my Final Year Project so unfortunately I won’t be able to blog as much. I’ll try to post something every once in a while but I’m not making any promises. If I don’t post anything sorry in advance! But you’ll definitely hear from me towards the end of December with my yearly review posts:

  • Top Songs of The Year.
  • 2015 Book Reviews.
  • 2nd Wolf Awards.

Good luck with everything guys! See you soon. :)