A Dance With The Fay

A girl of little years was often overlooked by her parents.

She was a lonely soul, so one day she went down to the forest.

Among the trees and bushes, a merry folk of people appeared,

For the girl was mature in the field of the heart.

A much older man or woman might have walked past the sight.

But they invited her to dance, and so she did all day until the sun set.

And then she died.


Now, many a rumour has gone about surrounding the truth of her disappearance. 

“Drowned in the river the poor thing,” some villagers would remark,

But only a day before they’d have barely batted an eyelash at the girl.

Some say she ran away.

Others to this day swear they’ve heard whispers in the forest without footsteps to match them.

But the truth remains is that she entered into the world of fairies,

And she was freed of the cruelty of humans with their constant bickering.


When old misers warn of the dangers of stumbling upon a fairy fort, they only have it half right.

One will only be cursed if one learns the ways of the fay and chooses to continue their life as a human.

The curse will be doubled if this human shares the information with another.

Of the cursèd, they experience life long misery and misfortune.

They also say never accept an invitation to dance with the dead or the fay.

What men have failed to share is the advantage of locating a fairy fort.

A human will be transformed into a fairy and given eternal life in the land of the fay.




Stephen Riordan. (1/3/13).

The Creation of “The Problem”

Humanity, what a pitiful race.

They feared themselves.

They feared the unknown.

They feared the recesses of their own minds.

They feared the alien creatures which they had never seen.

They created problems when there was no need; they had the solutions. 

They questioned what need not have been questioned.


A mortal world created by humans saw its own self-destruction.

While they spent their time looking far for their problems,

They never saw what was beneath their feet: the immortality of nature.


As people return to the ground,

Machinery will malfunction.

Buildings and systems will collapse.

The roots of trees shall engulf and choke civilisation. 

They shall take back their planet.




Stephen Riordan. (Circa 2013).

The Door

Upon the first discovery, as a child he received the sight.

The plight was unknown. 

He entered into this God-forsaken world.

This magical truth of mystery and imagination.


Upon the second discovery, he as a young man believed it to be real.

The shifting shadows and dancing creatures half-seen mocked his attachment to his world. 

It drove him half mad: contemplating worlds and ideas you could never imagine.

He searched for the door, but never could find it.


Upon the third discovery, as an old man the final nail was hammered into his coffin. 

“It was real all along,” he exclaimed with piteous joy.

He knew it to be real.

He could now go and join the great festivities and enjoy life.

But he died.




Stephen Riordan. (Circa 2013). 


The Collapse

Each day, the cracks of the holy altar will become more apparent.

As the pillars of hope crumble and the ascension of spires desist,

these glorified places will lay themselves to rest.

 Musk shall turn to the freshness of nature.


But what will become of these lands?

Will barbarians cause destruction,

or will communes of peace and unity prosper all over the world?




Stephen Riordan. (Circa 2013).

Worker #311692011291913

At the departing hour, it was time for him to relinquish his heart.

But his life had been laid on the tablet before his dying days, before his youth.

Even before his birth, his sacrifice had been pre-established by those devils in suits with their sighing leather briefcases.


With saddened masks they wept for this man, paid him a eulogy and shook hands with his loved ones.

But with a wicked smile, they danced their way to the bank.

Rest in peace good slave.




Stephen Riordan. (Circa 2013).


Into the forest the boy went.

The beauteous orange of an Autumn dusk surrounded him.

Crackling leaves and a woody breeze announced their presence.

He walked with little reluctance.


But soon, the forest; she grew cold.

And with it came the enshrouding darkness.

Her sister, the moon, was the only source of light.

But even she, the Goddess of Purity, proclaimed just how maddening the hour was.

And maddened the boy was!

For the trees with their thin, clawing arms tore at him.

“Nay,” they wailed, “nay, stay away.”

Although he wept, onwards he stumbled.

Deeper and deeper he delved.


But yes! There it was. The cause of many a tormented year:

A grand tree whose leaves bore all the colours of the spectrum.

“What say you?” the boy asked.

Nothing stirred in her.

“I said ‘WHAT SAY YOU?'” His rage echoed about him.

The silence decided his ensuing move.

Taking a knife, he cut out his heart and nailed it to her trunk.


Upon completion of the deed, he strode.

With a malicious grin he returned to world to which he now belonged.




Stephen Riordan. (Circa 2013).

On Interconnectivity and Human Proximity

I’ve been thinking about these concepts for a while now. And after a bit of thought and research, I’ve come up with a few ideas to throw out into the world.

So the first of these is how humans, as individuals, are seemingly connected in some way. We live our own lives but our paths cross with others and we interact with hundreds of people a day. I mean I’ll get into destiny vs random events later. But for now let’s think about how we’re connected.

I’m going to use some texts as examples, the first being David Mitchell’s debut novel Ghostwritten (1999).This novel has similarities to his probably more famous Cloud Atlas (2004). The former has more literal interconnectivity as we can strongly assume that all of the events in the book take place in or around the same time era, whereas in the latter the 6 stories span from the mid 19th century to somewhere far in the distant future. So hear the interconnectivity is more metaphorical or in terms of parallel time periods occurring simultaneously. But I’ll get into that some other time.

But for now, we’ll discuss Ghostwritten. This text is about individual stories that are tied together by their characters having interactions or actions that affect others. I’ll give an example that sounds very complex out of context but bare with me. Ok, so on the Holy Mountain in China (Part 4 of the Novel), a woman is raped and her illegitimate daughter (when she gets older) goes to work in Hong Kong to provide money. Here (Part 3) she works as a maid for a guy who she has an affair with. Evidently, the guy’s wife leaves him and asks for her chair to be sent to her home in London. So in London (Part 7) this new guy has just slept with the wife who left her husband in Part 3. The morning after they are chatting and a delivery man delivers the chair the her house. She asks him to leave and on his way to somewhere else he saves a woman from being hit by a taxi, saving her life. The woman then hops into a taxi to the airport. Afterwards in Cape Clear Island, Ireland (Part 8) it is revealed that this woman is a scientist and has rare knowledge of war technology and for ethical reasons decides not to give her knowledge to the US Government and hides out in a remote island. Eventually she is found by the officials and her knowledge is used in technology which can arguably be seen in Okinawa, US & Tokyo (Parts 1,9,10). So it’s literally a domino effect. Each occurrence triggered an event. There are a lot more connections and other concepts throughout the novel. This is just one that I chose.

I personally love this idea of connectivity. Seemingly insignificant acts can have major consequences. These ideas do raise the question of destiny vs free will and I believe in a bit of both. I believe that things are gonna work out but I think you have to put a lot of effort in shaping your future as well. I don’t think all of our futures are mapped out for us but it’s hard to believe that everything is total consequence. I think the universe does bring people together for certain reasons. I mean two of my cousins were travelling on world trips (independently of each other) and they just happened to meet each other on the same train somewhere in Australia I think. They didn’t even know that the other was travelling. Like that’s amazing right?

This leads me on to Human Proximity in urban areas. This is a more everyday experience that I think we can all relate to in any town or city. So first just visualise yourself walking down any street in any town. As you pass people, you’re obviously going to pass strangers. You’re obviously not going to interact with every person you pass. So that begs the question, what if you have similar interests with someone you pass? It could be totally random or is it the universe bringing you two together? This is a very interesting thing to think about. It may also be unfortunate. Just say you’re walking with your headphones on. You’re listening to your favourite album or song or band. Imagine the person that walks past you is listening to the exact same thing or they have similar interests to you. Now imagine you were some divine creature looking from above the street and you could see that these two people were unknowingly connecting on some macro sociological level. Doesn’t that just blow your mind? An unknowing spiritual connection with someone you just passed. It’s really unfortunate as well though, because you may never see that person again. And they might’ve been someone you could’ve really gotten along with! There are a few things which allow recognition of similar interests and they are for example Jerseys, band T-shirts, wrist bands. They allow a silent connection and rapport with a passer-by.

I’ve lost most of you, haven’t I? If you’re still a bit confused, what I think may settle your confusion is the film The Adjustment Bureau (2011). Pretty good film. Great concept, not the best in terms of execution but all round good film. It follows similar themes of fate vs free will. And the whole individual paths and intersection theme. Watch it, you’ll get what I’m squabbling about!

So yeah, that’s my two cents on Interconnectivity. Final thoughts, I believe that we all have lasting effects on the people we meet, even if they seem insignificant. But you know, the future is yours to take!